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2019 Travel Trends and Tips

2019 Travel Trends and Tips

May 23, 2019

The Latest Travel Trends for 2019 and Beyond


With the rise of employment and economic growth, consumer spending is on the up-and-up, which plays an essential factor for the hospitality Industry. Chesapeake Hospitality continues to follow recent and current trends in travel to effectively increase sales based on our economy. Here are some tips and trends for the travel industry for 2019 and beyond.

 In 2018, Americans took 2.3 billion domestic trips for business and leisure purposes. In 2018, the $1.1 trillion in travel spending generated a total of $2.5 trillion in economic output and supported 15.7 million American jobs. Tax revenue from travel spending for federal, state and local governments totaled $171 billion in 2018. Without these travel-generated tax revenues, each household would pay an average of $1,340 more in taxes every year to maintain the same level of services. There were 80 million international arrivals to the U.S. in 2018. Travel generated a $69 billion trade surplus for America’s economy.

According to US Travel's Research Trends, Americans are not holding back on their summer vacations. Due to the appeal of travel on Instagram and the inflating cost of daycare, it is projected that the lodging and airline industries continue to hit new records this summer. Family vacations are expected to be the most popular, followed by group travel and romantic escapes by couples looking to get away.

Another new trend that continues to rise in 2019 and beyond is the solo traveler. These guests have the freedom to explore, are on a budget, and are looking for an exponential experience. Hotels are now catering to these guests by offering curated packages to sell the location and on-site amenities, not just the accommodations.  

Keeping these factors in mind Chesapeake Hospitality will continue to follow the current trends to increase sales and ROI. We offer valuable special offers for family vacations, business guests, and those looking for a romantic escape. It is our passion to thank each guest for sharing their hard-earned time off with us filled with unforgettable memories.