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An Opportunity to Reflect

An Opportunity to Reflect

December 12, 2018

Giving back to the community, especially those in need; looking after your colleagues, and providing guests an extra level of attention. As we decorate our properties, roll out special menu items and, of course, heat up batches of mulled wine (star anise is a must), this time of year serves as a unique opportunity to reflect.  For Chesapeake Hospitality,  the values that define the holidays also form the foundation of our company culture year round.

Month in and month out, we are men and women for others. We go to work to live our core mission, helping our guests, colleagues and communities experience what’s possible. Whether it's our philanthropy through Give Kids the World, Stuff the Bus, Wounded Warriors or any number of other programs that help support our communities and causes we believe in – or if it’s simply taking the extra effort to check in on a colleague that looks like they’ve had a rough week, the work we put in looking after others underpins who we are as a company.

And we lead with our values: honesty, integrity and humility. Honesty that sets the foundation of our culture, our ability to rely on each other and build meaningful relationships with our guests and vendors. Integrity in how we hold ourselves accountable to our commitments – doing what we say we are going to do, and having the internal honesty to always look for areas of improvement.  And Humility, shelving our egos at the door and realizing we are all here to do the best work, supporting our colleagues, guests and communities.

So as we all enjoy the spirit of the holidays, take a moment to reflect on the core values that set the foundation for our work day in and day out.  How being there for others, helping our guests and team members experience what’s possible, isn’t just something we do while the trees, candles and spices are out. This is who we are.