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Chesapeake Hospitality- Men & Women for Others

Chesapeake Hospitality- Men & Women for Others

September 15, 2017

 “Magis” is a term used to describe one of the Jesuit principles - the challenge to strive for excellence. It is a latin word which, roughly translated, means “more.” Magis inspires us to think a little broader, work a little harder, and accomplish the kinds of things we never dreamed possible.  Magis lives in how we make choices – always striving to make each choice better than the last.  It underlies everything we do at Chesapeake Hospitality, from our work ethic to the way we treat others.

Many of our team members in Texas, Florida and Georgia have been seriously impacted by recent hurricanes.  In hearing of their misfortune, the prevailing question throughout Chesapeake Hospitality was, “How can we help?” "What more can we do?" In an effort to assist those members of our hospitality family who have suffered significantly, we established a GoFundMe account.  The generosity witnessed throughout the company has been nothing short of inspiring. Team members across 30 properties have come together to give more, to do more and to be more for one another.

When a company unites, striving for excellence through compassionate generosity – that’s Magis.