In the Words of Chesapeake

"Experience What's Possible" Employee Series II

August 27, 2018

Parker Sims: Experience What’s Possible

  • What are the key areas a property can go above and beyond to enhance possibility for guests? 

My position is overseeing all the guest service for the portfolio. In reading hundreds and hundreds of reviews, one trend is crystal clear: the little things are what matter.

 Guests expect the room to be clean, the property to look great and to have friendly service, these are the fundamentals that absolutely need to be right. But if the front desk has balloons for kids – if the AC repairman leaves a short, personal note for a guest saying he or she fixed the appliance for the guest’s stay – these seemingly small gestures leave a big impression.


Listening is also critical. If you want to increase your guest service scores –online review sites are telling you want they want to see, what you need to get right. All the information is there, you just need to truly listen and put valid constructive feedback into action.


  • How can employees work every day to enhance possibility for each other?


Just getting to know the people that you work with, that goes a long way. This company was founded as a family company, and each hotel should be run like a family. If you know someone is having a hard day, pick each other up. Know each other – work as a team and work as a family. That really boosts the morale of employees in the property, and there’s a lot of possibility we can realize for each other just by being tuned in.


  • How have you realized possibility in your own career and what advice would you give others?


One of the things that’s special about Chesapeake Hospitality: there’s room for movement. Maybe what you’re doing isn’t your overall passion, but I truly believe there’s space for almost any skillset to find their passion and excel in this industry. Sarah Turner is a great case – she was working as a bartender at a restaurant and got moved to corporate. At another property, we  had someone in accounting who did a work personality test, and found she loves greeting guests in the lobby. After moving her to the lobby, the overall property saw an increase in guests satisfaction scores.



4.)   Are there any particular moments that have stuck out as truly living the Experience What’s Possible mentality? 


The opening of The Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City. We came to a hotel casino that had been closed for two years and ,with only a team of eight from Chesapeake, had to get the property open in nine weeks.

 The 1,300-room hotel was shutdown literally in one day two years ago. People still had pictures of their families up, room service carts were still in the halls, and a mountain of linens was piled up in one of the ballrooms.

 In nine weeks, we lived on the property and worked our tails off – brought in great teams of contractors, and delivered a ton of passion and creativity into opening our doors on schedule, knowing we only had one opportunity to make a great first impression.

 On July 8th, we delivered. That was definitely a defining moment for me, and a great example of creating an experience and realizing what’s possible.