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Experience What’s Possible: Gathering to Talk Culture

Experience What’s Possible: Gathering to Talk Culture

November 15, 2018

By Caitlin Sims-

Across the Chesapeake Hospitality network, it’s a privilege to be part of our culture training initiative. Over the past weeks we’ve begun touring properties, hosting team-wide workshops emphasizing our values and philosophy with our wider company family.

Culture is a huge part of this company, laying the foundation for each employee to live our philosophy of Experience What’s Possible. While we discuss our values - Honesty, Integrity and Humility - a lot at a corporate level, placing increased focus on these values at a property level serves to reinforce themes critical to long-term success.

The engagement of each team is truly inspiring. The overall experience reinforces the dedication of our community, and further opens my eyes to how hard every member of our wider company family works to make us successful. Overall, it makes me proud to be a part of the company my grandparents started, to see that the same philosophy and core values that helped us grow from a small hotel two generations ago, carry forward across the dozens of properties managed by Chesapeake Hospitality.

Jane McCaul, who is leading the initiative, is clearly doing more than just telling the story and conveying our values. This program is creating buy in – from the first moment when Jane makes team members feel comfortable and engaged by what she has to say, to the team-building sessions that challenge every member of our community to consider and discuss our culture more deeply.

There were also activities that made us all feel closer together, like asking each person to share a favorite 30 seconds from their life. Something about this was truly impactful, and gave a brief but insightful glimpse into each participants interests, values and experiences.

In the coming months, these culture workshops will continue across our properties. I’m excited to see the continued engagement of our teams as we reflect on the values at the heart of Chesapeake Hospitality’s success.