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Five Reasons I am Thankful

Five Reasons I am Thankful

November 15, 2018

By Kim Sims-

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, an opportunity to get close to family and friends, remember what matters, without the expectations that come later in the holidays. As I reflect on the past year, and look ahead to a successful 2019, there are five reasons I’m truly grateful this Thanksgiving:

Family & good friends – First and foremost, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to get closer to family and good friends that make our life truly something to be thankful for. Wherever you are, and however you celebrate, I hope we can all appreciate the opportunity to enjoy good food and conversation as we stay close with those that mean the most to us. (And – of course – watch a little football.)

Good health – For those of us lucky enough to enjoy good health, remember this is the greatest form of wealth. I am thankful for the ability to enjoy the simple benefits we often take for granted that come from this foundation of health and be compassionate for those experiencing health challenges.

A caring, compassionate team – Every day I go to work, I’m reminded how lucky we are to have to have a team that is caring and compassionate. From our charitable work across our entire organization spanning Give Kids the World, Pack the Bus, the Wounded Warriors Project – and many more activities that have touched thousands of lives. This time of year, I’m especially thankful to work with a team that has 'charity for others' at its heart each and every day.

The values that set the foundation – Honesty, Integrity, Humility. Honesty to be truthful to everyone we come into contact with, that sets the foundation for an accountable environment. Integrity to be truthful to yourself, so that each one of us can look inside and continue to improve, and the Humility to put others first and recognize that we are only successful when we work as a team. I’m thankful to lead an organization where our values are not just spoken, but truly lived. Each day, these values help underpin our mission – to help our guests and the Chesapeake Hospitality community Experience What’s Possible.

Success – The result of living our values, the consistent work of each team member across the full Chesapeake Hospitality network, is success. Success not given but earned every year for over 60 years. This year, as always, I’m thankful for that continued success and to each member of our team for making it possible.