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Moving Forward into the New Year

Moving Forward into the New Year

January 04, 2019

A New Year has arrived and you’re no doubt ready to move into 2019 full-speed ahead!  However, it’s important to take a moment and reflect on the past year, to consider what went well and where there might be areas for improvement.  Reflection gives us the insight we need to move forward into the new year with a fresh start.

Here are 4 questions to help you reflect on the past year:

  1. If you had to name one thing for which you were most grateful in 2018, what would it be?

Think about your year - consider one event, one revelation or one success that you feel fortunate to have experienced.

  1. When did you feel the happiest, most inspired, or excited last year?

Think back through each month carefully and consider everything from big achievements to smaller, special moments. Those happy experiences that stick out the most to you are big hints at what you need to keep doing, do again, or build upon in the New Year.

  1. What lessons have you learned?

It’s easy to reflect upon happy times over the past year, but it’s a bit more difficult to consider the experiences that left you feeling sad, angered, hurt or defeated. Those experiences, however, hold the key to some of the biggest lessons you’ll learn about yourself and about life. Acknowledge them, process them if you haven’t done so yet, forgive whoever needs to be forgiven (including yourself), make peace with these experiences and extract the important lesson you learned from them.

  1. What are your biggest accomplishments?

Think about your growth over the past year. What you are the proudest of?  If you couldn’t accomplish your big goal for the year, don’t dwell on it.  Rather, consider what experiences you can learn from or changes you’ll need to make to ensure that your goal becomes a reality this year.

Moving forward, it can be very helpful to take a few moments each morning in the new year to think about everything that lies ahead. What goals or tasks are you focusing on?  What do you need to do to accomplish these daily tasks?

Then again in the evening, reflect on your day. Did you accomplish what you wanted? If so, be happy about it. If not, remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day.  Be sure to include gratitude in your daily reflection; this helps us realize our priorities and helps us put everything into perspective.

Best wishes in making 2019 another year to celebrate!