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Omnipresent Marketing

Omnipresent Marketing

August 01, 2017

Apple, Google, Coca-Cola and McDonalds, these brands permeate the everyday experience of most Americans. There is a good chance you interact more with one of these icons than with your own parents. (you really should call more) 

In our society, these companies have achieved omnipresence – they are everywhere their current or potential customers are, and can be genuinely hard to ignore.

Yet omnipresence is no longer reserved for global leaders and multi-billion-dollar brands. In the hospitality industry, with search, social and more sophisticated traditional advertising, every property has the opportunity to create meaningful engagement with wide swaths of current and potential customers, day in and day out.

In digital, a property can begin building meaningful engagement almost in the same instant at which a customer begins considering travel – or staycation. By thinking of a property as part of a traveler’s core experience, we can work to be everywhere a traveler will seek information about that experience.

If a traveler is researching about a city’s historic districts or cultural activities, a property should be there - communicating to the potential customer about the best place to stay when experiencing those aspects of the city.

If someone in the city is researching weekend activities, the property should be there - communicating about special discounts for locals to experience a weekend by the bay, park, stadium or trendy up and coming neighborhood.

The same level of specificity can be applied to business travelers, wedding parties and students - to name a few.

More than just the first engagement - every step of the experience, from discovery to check out, should reflect the unique interests of each guest. Dynamic content on the website motivates conversions, check in and ongoing engagement throughout the stay helps guests make the most of their experience. Custom CRM tools keep customers engaged towards their next stay.

And the process is anything but static. With big data and analytics, we can continue to intelligently refine the most effective language, audiences and engagement tactics. 

Omnipresence. Achieving near universal visibility amongst your target audience. What once took decades and tens of millions in marketing, can now be achieved by any property with a genuinely compelling message that is more focused. 

And if you’re not doing it, the competition is.