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If the Shoe Fits

If the Shoe Fits

April 12, 2018

We like to get creative when it comes to fundraising. When we have the opportunity to help others, both locally and globally, we run with it.

Holiday Inn Wilkes-Barre raises money for Give Kids The World by hosting a shoe drive.  They collect gently worn, used and new shoes – a lot of them!  The shoes are then collected by an organization called Funds2Orgs which pays the hotel based on the total weight of the shoes.  The money collected is donated by the hotel to Give Kids The World, providing a cost-free vacation to critically ill children and their families.  

The fundraiser runs for roughly a three-month period. Bri Kern, Sales Coordinator at the Holiday Inn says they provide incentives to the staff to participate, “When employees bring in five or more pairs of shoes, their names are entered into a raffle for a gift card.”  As a result, they've had a decent turnout from employees.

The benefits of this fundraiser are two-fold. This shoe drive not only helps us raise money for Give Kids The World; it also provides opportunities for micro-enterprises across the nation. 

Micro-enterprises are small businesses with few employees and minimal capital. In developing countries like Haiti, Uganda, and India they are crucial; they are often the only means to providing people with an income and a way to support their families. The shoes collected are brought to developing nations were they can be cleaned and resold. Micro-enterprises add value to the economy and lives by creating small business opportunities, improving income, and promoting commerce. 

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another or to walk a mile in ones' shoes. Our team at the Holiday Inn Wilkes-Barre clearly demonstrates their capacity for empathy, service and care through their participation in this shoe fundraiser.  Our goal is to pair up with other properties to be able to serve an even larger amount of people in need.  We are known for being steadfast in our commitment to serve others; we say, "If the shoe fits ..."