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We Celebrate with a Day Of Service

We Celebrate with a Day Of Service

January 19, 2018

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated his life to serving others. On Monday, January 15th we celebrated the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. with a Day of Service.  Each year throughout the country, we are called on this day to work together to address some of the issues facing our nation through the act of volunteer service. The MLK Day of Service is important to us as it empowers individuals, strengthens communities, bridges barriers, creates solutions to social problems, and moves us closer to Dr. King's vision of a united America.

Participation in the MLK Day of Service has grown steadily over the past decade, with hundreds of thousands of Americans each year engaging in projects such as cleaning cities, tutoring and mentoring children, painting schools and senior centers, delivering meals, building homes, and reflecting on Dr. King's life and teachings.

Tonya Harris, Group Sales Coordinator at The DeSoto, Savannah, GA spent the day participating in Savannah’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade.  She drove a limousine belonging to a local, family-owned funeral parlor as part of the parade procession.  Tonya said it was a wonderful experience to share with her family, “I feel that in this pivotal time of our country, it is important to focus on the positive. I participated in the parade because of the spirit that MLK, Jr embodies. His message was not about racial stereotypes and the widening division between them, but how to bridge that gap with love and respect.”

Our Day of Service this week only inspired us to work harder throughout the rest of year.  We strive to emulate Dr. King by contributing our time, hard work, and enthusiasm to making our communities a better place for all of us.