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Effects of Google Ad Updates in Hospitality

Effects of Google Ad Updates in Hospitality

May 23, 2019

What Google’s Ad Updates Mean for the Hospitality Industry

In the ever-changing world of Google Updates, it is essential always to stay ahead of the curve as it pertains to the hospitality industry. As Google continues to roll-out several updates and initiatives to help improve search as we know it, Chesapeake Hospitality is ready for action.

In 2018, Google introduced a naming shift from AdWords to just Google Ads and the Google Ad Manager platform, which streamlined the PPC process. They also announced their advancement of machine learning and how it pertains to Google Ads. This evolution is pertinent in the hospitality industry as it greatly effects how ads will look and appear to the user. The new updates offer responsive search ads resulting in 15% more clicks. The advancement of machine learning also impacts YouTube ad performance, optimizing the screen space to get more clicks.

Another key update for the hospitality industry is the addition of Google's Hotel Ads feature, allowing properties to showcase their business on and Google Maps, across all devices. This integration with booking engines like TravelClick and Sabre Hospitality ensures they have easy access to room inventory for easy booking right on Google. A new metric called click share has also been added to Google's campaigns. It measures the rate at which you're turning potential clicks into actual clicks based on how your ad would perform.

Chesapeake Hospitality welcomes these advancements and will continually evolve each year. Booking online has never been easier, and with Google's help, the digital market component in the hospitality industry will be bigger than ever.

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