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Chesapeake Hospitality - Acquisitions & Development Support

Promises Kept: Chesapeake Hospitality Delivers

Chesapeake Hospitality draws profoundly on our six decades of comprehensive ability and knowledge with an owner's mentality, providing expert guidance and navigation along every phase of the acquisition and development process. 


We are focused, aligned and accountable to ownership every step along the way. 


We do what is right, always with ownership's best interest in mind.


Promises Kept: Chesapeake Hospitality Delivers
Chesapeake Hospitality, Maryland - Acquisition and Development Services
Acquisition and Development Services
Acquisition and Development Services

Chesapeake provides a strategic, research-based approach toward investment projects based on proven feasibility methodologies and budgeting processes, supported by an extensive and wide-ranging resource of industry relationships - all focused on enhancing asset value.

Let us show you what an accomplished and proven partner can deliver.

Our Acquisition & Development Services include:

  • Due diligence assistance
  • Repositioning and rebranding analysis
  • Brand selection and evaluation
  • Capital expenditure assessment and CAPEX plan development
  • Hotel design and site plan analysis
  • Underwriting qualifying
  • 3-5 year proformas
  • Business plan development
  • Market and revenue projections
  • Franchise agreement review and assistance
  • PIP analysis and pricing
Pre-Opening Services - Chesapeake Hospitality, Maryland
Pre-Opening Services
Pre-Opening Services

Whether you are opening a new hotel or assuming ownership of an existing property, Chesapeake's pre-opening experience is vast. Our takeover process is comprehensive and methodical, assuring that even the smallest details are completed precisely and timely. Chesapeake has cultivated robust industry relationships establishing a clear advantage for ownership when it comes to brand design tasks, PIP negotiations and meeting critical deadlines.

Our service highlights include:

  • Ongoing client communication and consultation
  • Sales & Marketing and Revenue Management complete review of systems and performance analysis
  • Brand evaluation, communications, and documentation
  • Debt sourcing and analysis
  • Review and management of permits and licenses (including liquor license)
  • PIP purchasing and procurement
  • Insurance review - liability and workers comp
  • Life safety analysis and recommendations
  • Architectural and design review
  • Human Resources payroll and benefit analysis
  • Manage brand critical path deadlines
  • Corporate engineer review and analysis of major mechanical and product improvement plan
  • Marketing plan review
  • Detailed takeover checklist
Chesapeake Hospitality, Maryland - Project Management
Project Management
Project Management

On-Time and On Budget

We offer a comprehensive range of services to handle all phases of your project, including architecture, design, renovation, procurement (including FFE), and capital plan logistics.

Our team has cultivated strong brand and industry relationships that correlate directly into cost savings for our clients. We have consistently proven our ability to deliver a quality product that is on time and on budget.

Our service highlights include:

  • Manage brand PIP critical path and approval process
  • Architectural and design selection and management
  • PIP pricing and brand negotiations
  • PIP construction management and oversight
  • PIP purchasing and procurement
  • Oversee and manage permitting process and review
  • Accounting: capital draw requests, budget reconciliation, and vendor payments
  • Ongoing client communication and consultation