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Chesapeake Hospitality - How We Operate

Valued Relationships - Proven Results

Chesapeake was built on a 63-year history of creating asset value by performing deep turnarounds - rebranding and re-positioning distressed full-service hotels - all leading to increased profitability.

Smaller Portfolios - Focused Service

Our management teams operate with smaller portfolios than any of our peer groups which allows our senior leaders to be engaged, permitting more focus and attention to every hotel managed - the effect is a high level of service and industry leading results.

Established and Principled Leadership

Chesapeake's proven framework of core operating principles- developed and refined over decades of industry experience - is combined with openness, accessibility and honesty. We operate each of our hotels with genuine care and concern, as if it were our own, with every business decision evaluated through the prism of our uncompromising values.


This combination of ironclad principles and proven practices means ownership can count on us to do the right thing, the right way, each and every time.

Valued Relationships - Proven Results