Pre-Opening Services

Deadline-Focused Assistance and Expertise

Whether you are opening a new hotel or assuming ownership of an existing property, our pre-opening specialists bring wide-ranging skills and expertise to the process. Over several decades, Chesapeake Hospitality has cultivated robust relationships with the industry’s leading hotel brand companies, a clear advantage to our clients as it relates to brand design tasks, PIP negotiations, and meeting critical path deadlines.

Highlights of our strengths include:

  • Ongoing client communication and consultation
  • Brand evaluation, communications and documentation
  • Debt sourcing and analysis
  • Review and management of permits and licenses (including liquor license)
  • PIP purchasing and procurement
  • Insurance review – liability and workers comp
  • Life safety analysis and recommendations
  • Architectural and design review
  • Human Resources payroll and benefit analysis
  • Manage brand critical path deadlines
  • Corporate engineer review and analysis of major mechanical and product improvement plan
  • Sales & Marketing and revenue management analysis
  • Marketing plan review